Doug Dewysocki of Neptune City NJ: A True Miracle On March 23, 1969, 11-year old Douglas DeWysocki was sitting alone on a lawn when two cars collided with each other on Fifth and Union Aves. One of the cars came up on the lawn, striking the boy and causing himRead More →

The First Murder in Neptune City: Introduction On the morning of August 3, 1929, Neptune City saw one of the biggest and most significant (in my opinion) historical events take place on Fourth and Steiner Avenues. Yet, there has been little research and public knowledge of it: The first murder inRead More →

The Mirabelli Building – Neptune City NJ History Update: Please refer to my latest feature, Steiner and Son: Neptune City’s Largest Manufacturing Concern for more/updated information on this famous landmark in Neptune City history. Probably the most notable Neptune City history landmark from the late 1800s to 1999 was theRead More →

S.S. Adams Novelty Company – Neptune, NJ The large soon to be gone white brick factory that overlooks Memorial Drive in Neptune is famously known for being home to the S. S. Adams Novelty company, which manufactured jokes and pranks, for over 100 years.  A quick Internet search and  lookRead More →