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Ari Sims

I am an expert in helping entrepreneurs make more sales (no matter what you sell) by crafting original copy that converts.

If you really hope to create more conversionsgenerate more money, and stand out from the crowd then I can definitely help you.

My expertise is in Lead Pages, Webinars, Masterclasses, Sales Letters, Email Campaigns, Social Media Ads, and Website Content.

My accomplishments include:
2012 Graduate of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey 2012

Self-taught copywriter, content writer, and social media marketer

Work History:
Spent 3 years as a Top Rated Freelancer on UpworkWrote content for a #1 best-selling self-help author on Amazon that was able to help him start his life over in FloridaAssisted in writing The PSN Plaintiff, the story of Erik Estavillo and his multiple lawsuits against Sony, Blizzard, and other video game companies

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
Author of numerous self-published books on Createspace and Amazon KindleOwned first freelancing business, Alexandria Sims Ghostwriter, from 2012 to 2017, generating over $20k in revenue

Other Info:
Started freelance writing in 2012Maintained multiple repeat clients throughout my first businessWrote for clients worldwide with first business
Self-published first book at age 18Started first freelance writing business to supplement my Burger King manager salaryFell off a 20-foot cliff in Maui and lived to tell the taleCompleted first cross-country road trip at age 28 in 2019
Started first business while living in an illegal boarding house in Lakewood, NJ and was able to move into a home of my own one month later

When you want to have someone write their copy super fast and use it as a tool to help you make more sales (no matter what you sell)we’re the ones who can help you withcopywriting services .

I / we have everything it takes to help you create more conversionsgenerate more money, and stand out from the crowd!