My name is Ari Sims and I have lived in Neptune City for 28 years. I have always been deeply fascinated by the thrilling history of our little town, and am constantly uncovering many significant historical events and unbelievable facts through my research. I am particularly captured by the history regarding the Fourth and Steiner Avenue area. I created this website with the hopes of preserving history through my excellent writing craft so that generations can understand the truth about Neptune City.

I am also a highly-acclaimed full-time web content copywriter and freelance writer totaling 6 years’ of experience. You can learn more about the writing and editing services I offer under the Writing Services tab.

Though my roots are in Neptune City, I love to travel and experience the world. So far, I’ve traveled to Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Washington DC, Florida, the Bahamas, Connecticut, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with the goal of traveling to as many places as I can in my lifetime.