About Alexandria Sims

Content Creation and Copywriting Without Complication

I am an expert in helping small business owners make more sales (no matter their industry) by crafting original content that captures and copy that converts.

If you want to generate more conversions, make more money, and have your product/ service stand out without being ghosted by a freelancer from a sketchy, third-party website…then I can definitely help you.

My expertise is in designing website content, lead/landing pages, sales letters, email sequences, and social media ads. I am also experienced in self-publishing (Kindle & CreateSpace), on-page SEO (search engine optimization), social media strategies, and blog development. If you have a special project that doesn’t fall under one of these categories (such as an ebook), don’t hesitate to pitch it to me. I’m always open to discussing how I can help.

A little more about me:

  • 2012 Graduate of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
  • #1 Best-Selling Amazon Author
  • Top Rated Upwork Freelancer
  • Original Owner of Alexandria Sims Ghostwriter (2012 to 2017)
  • Rode a bike off a 20-foot drop at Mt. Haleakala, HI in 2012 and lived because I was destined to be your copywriter 🙂

When you want to work on your business and not in it, hiring an experienced writer with a proven track record is the way to go! Having formerly served as a manager in million-dollar per month fast-paced grocery operation, I pride myself on crafting high-quality content and sales copy super fast!

I have everything you need to generate more conversions, multiply your money, and make your product or service stand out from the crowd! I truly look forward to working with you!

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Aleandria Sims, Founder & CEO of ADS Coywriting